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Cards News and Notes: Last Draft Preview, Reyes struggles

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Here's your VEB links for Wednesday, June 8th:

Draft Preview no. 22: One last batch of young bats. The draft begins today, make sure to check in early and often with VEB for The Red Baron's analysis of each of the Cardinals four picks in the first day of the draft..

Can you name this Cardinal? A little bit of trivia from Lil Scoot as the subject of yesterday's Hunt and Peck. Also make sure to check out all of links gathered by Lil Scoot for all your Cardinal and baseball related news.

A Brief History of offense-focused line-ups: John compiles the times the Cardinals have placed a player at a new position for the sake of getting his or another player's bat in the line-up.

Daily Farm Report: Ebo's farm report, which includes Reyes' first bad start.

Game Thread: Another wild one in Cincinnati, with the Cardinals coming on top this time.

Cardinals Destroy Reds: Dr. Howl's post-game recap

A Q & A with Tom Tango: MLB's new data guru: Usually I just stick to links to VEB articles, but this was just to interesting not to pass on to anyone. Dave Cameron of Fangraphs interviews Tom Tango, the creator of many of the advanced metrics in use today, including wOBA and FIP, as well as the author of "The Book". The interview is over Tom Tango's new job with MLB Advanced Media, where he will help facilitate the development and deployment of Statcast data. He'll have a hand in creating new metrics based on all the raw data Statcast is collecting right now, which is pretty exciting to me at least. I cannot imagine a person better suited for the job.