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Cardinals Destroy Reds In Cincinnati on June 8th, 2016

Brandon Moss and Matt Adams brought an offensive attack to Cincinnati that they could not overcome

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports


Matt Carpenter(L) 2B
Aledmys Diaz(R) SS
Matt Adams(L) 1B
Stephen Piscotty(R) RF
Jhonny Peralta(R) 3B
Brandon Moss(L) LF
Yadier Molina(R) C
Randal Grichuk(R) CF
Jaime Garcia(L) P
Joey Votto(L) 1B
Brandon Phillips(R) 2B
Jay Bruce(L) RF
Adam Duvall(R) LF
Eugenio Suarez(R) 3B
Billy Hamilton(S) CF
Tucker Barnhart(S) C
Alfredo Simon(R) P


Hi guys, dr. howl is back! Maybe I should reveal the inspiration for this nickname now? Honestly I don't know why I picked it, but whiskey may have been a factor. I don't really follow sub-genius too much but one night years ago, google lead me to pick the screen-name after moving away from Chicago (but I went back, sorry).

The Cardinals and Pirates lead the NL in hitting this year, while the Reds are one of the worst hitting teams. The Cardinals have been a bit of a letdown in the pitching department this year, but the Reds are arguably the worst team in the majors at pitching. One edge the Reds might have is at defense, but that is up for debate, going forward at least.

Reds starting pitcher Alfredo Simon has a 4.97 SIERA this year which is pretty bad. We get the treat of watching Jaime Garcia pitch tonight, and he's been great this year at 3.69 SIERA. It is apparent the Cardinals should have won last night, but they didn't. And they should win tonight too... right?

What Happened

The first inning got off to a quick start. Matty C walked as he does pretty often, and Aledmys walked too. Then red-hot Matt Adams blasted a pitch, and that's no lie, he hit it hard. Big City is back with his big city ways. That was it, but it was three runs to none after the top of the game.

Jaime Garcia was not lights out in the first. He almost seemed to let it get away from him, but all he allowed were some hits to Joey Votto and Jay Bruce and Adam Duvall and this resulted in a run. Three runs to one after one.

The Cardinals added to their lead with a Yadi double and yet again, more doubling from Matt Carpenter, who leads the league in doubles with old teammate and Padre Jon Jay. Four runs to one.

Garcia looked even worse in the 2nd inning... or at the very least the Reds were hitting the ball to where the players were not positioned. Like, repeatedly. Honestly, the eye test verified that Garcia was not pitching all that well, at least in my perspective.

At least the Reds were not homering, but with all the singles and a walk the bases were juiced and no outs and the Reds were chipping away. Despite not walking a lot of guys, he looked like he did not have much control over his pitches. Worrisome... the strikes he was getting were bad pitches out of the zone that were fouled off.

Finally an out! Phillips chopped one to Diaz and the slow running Alfredo Simon was thrown out for the force. Then there were two outs... he was fighting his way out of it again. First BABIP giveth and then it taketh away, the Reds lined to short to end the inning and the Cardinals retained the lead: four runs to three after two.

The Cardinals offense stranded two, but the good news was that third inning Jaime Garcia looked much better.

In the 4th there were runners at first and second with 2 outs and Diaz was up... but he grounded out to end the inning. Harumph. Cards still up 4-3 though.

Well, no, Garcia gave up a home run right after I typed that and the game was tied four to four in the fourth. No out. Cozart was the culprit.

The fifth: Peralta got on base, but what surprised me was Brandon Moss CRUSHING one into the stands. It was insane. The Mossman absolutely destroys baseballs sometimes. Yadier doubled, then Grichuk doubled too! Well anyway, it was six to four in the fifth.

The Reds answered with a solo shot on Garcia with 2 outs. Luckily Billy Hamilton was picked off. Otherwise it woulda been tied. He had gotten on due to another errant throw by Diaz. Grichuk nearly reigned one in but it bounced off his glove and the Reds had another hit. This sinked the Garcia ship for the night, he was done. The Cards ended up out of the inning still ahead though, six to five after five.

In the seventh the Mossman hit another home run! Love that guy! I think he is no longer feeling that injury from yesteryear. Good Adams + Good Moss in the lineup is some serious power. Speaking of power, Grichuk hit a screaming liner in this inning. It was seven to five and Garcia chopped one up the middle and RBI'd, this team can score and it was eight to five in the seventh.

In the eighth Diaz singled, Adams was up... is he still red hot? Yes he is. And Diaz still has some wheels. It was first and third with no out! Stephen Piscotty flashed the bat stroking one out of the zone into the outfield and sending Diaz home to score. But wait, guess who's back? Jhonny!!! Blasting more dingers. Twelve to five Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, no outs... the Mossman walked. Yadier was the first guy they could get out. Another guy got out and I'm losing track of the details. First and third in the eighth! Matt Carpenter walks yet again, three walks on the night and an RBI double. Bases loaded (anyone hear Basses Loaded by the Melvins yet?). Diaz was up. He grounded out.

Anyways, I have written enough, Cards win triumphantly and Lyons closed out the night. 12 to 7 decisive victory!


Source: FanGraphs


  • Brandon Moss owned this game, 2 home runs, .374 WPA
  • Matt Adams also... he is at 161 wRC+ on the season
  • Kiekhefer actually did well, best of the pitchers tonight by WPA
  • Oh's FIP is somehow even better than his ERA, it is 1.59!
  • Cozart kicked ass for the Reds


  • Both starters were completely awful
  • Reds bullpen guy Ramirez sucked ass
  • Brandon Phillips was turrible, yay!

The rubber match is tomorrow with Wainwright on the mound vs Finnegan. 6pm or so again. Check it out!