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Cards News and Notes: Wick, Marp, Moss

some stuff from yesterday

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here's everything to get you caught up on yesterday's VEB:

An update on Rowan Wick: Joe has a piece on Rowan Wick and his conversion to pitching. His K-rate as a pitcher has exceeded his K-rate as a hitter, which is impressive.

The Cardinals should destroy the Reds: Another series preview from our fearless leader.

Matt Carpenter is your NL player of the week: Also, all your other Cardinal and baseball news

The Cardinals should consider trading Moss in contention or not: The Cardinals' depth is deep and the outfield market is thin.

Memphis walks by Iowa Cubs: check out the farm report to keep up to date on the Cards' prospects

Game Thread: It was a doozy of a game yesterday, check out VEB's takes as they happened.

Cards come back from 5-run deficit, lose anyway: StlCardsFan4's post-game breakdown

Cards face the Reds again today, hopefully with better luck than yesterday. Go Cards!