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Cardinals news and notes: Piscotty, Boone, and (p)reviews

The first weekend of June has concluded and before a big week in the future of the Cardinals, there's much upon which to look back.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It is June 6, and the Cardinals have a winning record. They may not have a great record; it certainly pales in comparison to the 37-18 they sported entering June 6 last year. But they do have a winning record.

The last time the Cardinals did not have a winning record at this point in the season was more recently than you may guess: 2012, during which they were .500 at that point. And the team had a +47 run differential, suggesting that they were a better team than their record indicated. And since the team ended up finishing with an 88-74 record and finishing one game away from an NL pennant, the run differential appeared to be on to something.

The last time the Cardinals had a losing record on this date was 2007. It was a strange time. The Billboard Top 40 included two Daughtry songs and some American Idol guy covering Bon Jovi. And this will theoretically get more and more obscure as time goes on, since this streak of non-losing records on June 6 continues.

(I spent a good 15 additional minutes skimming this chart. I'm sure Musiq Soulchild appreciates that I'm thinking about him for the first time in nine years. Anyway, here's the VEB notes from the weekend.)

Stephen Piscotty

Ben Markham wrote about Stephen Piscotty's 2016 season, a truly delightful topic if I do say so myself. I know I'm not the only Cardinals fan who was semi-apprehensive about Piscotty heading into the season--it wasn't a fear that he would be bad, but rather that he surely could not maintain what he did in 2015. And yet here Piscotty stands, producing at a higher level not only that he did during his breakthrough rookie MLB season but at a higher level than he produced in the minor leagues.

Also, he's been better so far in 2016 than Jason Heyward. Submitted with no further comment.

Draft scouting reports

So, the MLB Draft is in three days. And if you are like me and don't pay very much attention to college baseball (and even less attention to high school baseball), you have a lot of work to do before you can consider yourself properly versed in the draft. The red baron has some scouting reports to keep you more informed on some of the top prospects.

Aaron Boone

Alex Crisafulli interviewed former MLB third baseman and current ESPN analyst Aaron Boone. He had some nice things to say about the Cardinals but unfortunately he also (accurately) had some nice things to say about the Cubs.

Game recaps

Saturday night included a lovely 7-4 win over the San Francisco Giants, and IHeartBoog wrote the recap. Sunday night included a 6-3 Cardinals victory, recapped once again by IHeartBoog.

Have a terrific Monday, VEB. Off-day today followed by the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday.