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Off night and NBA Draft Thread

Open Thread

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Game 7 of the NBA finals was probably more professional basketball watched for me than the rest of the season combined. I will confess to having followed college basketball a decent amount and I am relatively hopeful about Jarrod Uthoff’s inclusion in tonight’s draft at some point. I think Alex Reyes is pitching for Memphis tonight if you want to walk about that. That game should be starting now.

Here is more information on Uthoff, from Chad Ford:

Uthoff's ability to stretch the floor, protect the rim and guard multiple positions has won him a lot of fans. He's thin and he isn't always as aggressive as scouts would like, but he has earned supporters.

From the same page, this time by Kevin Pelton:

Uthoff entered the season rated higher by WARP projections than scouts, but the conventional wisdom has come around to the point where that relationship has actually flipped.

Sounds like a keeper to me. I believe coverage starts around now on ESPN.

In what I believe might be called synergy, here is a mock draft from SBNation and here is a Live Draft Tracker, also from SBNation.

A couple things for you keep in mind:

The Cardinals just swept the Cubs.

Enjoy your evening.