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Cards News and Notes: Statcast, Oh, Shannon

Yesterday's VEB

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Special Statcast broadcast available for [yesterday's] Cubs-Cardinals game: Craig had an interview before yesterday's game with author Mike Petriello. Mike was part of a special broadcast of the game on, utilizing statcast and other advanced stats. For instance, when showing the lineups in the first inning, average Exit Velocity was shown alongside the hitter's name's rather than Batting Average. I thought it was pretty cool myself, even if you could tell the broadcast as a whole was a bit of a work in process.

Seung Oh pitching at historic pace: For my article, I wrote on how Oh is pitching at an elite rate relative to both rookie relievers and Cardinals relievers.

What's your favorite Shannonism? A list of Lil Scooter's favorite "Shannonisms" from a site dedicated to Mike Shannon quotes, as well as all your Cardinals and MLB links in yesterday's Hunt and Peck. My personal favorite:

The outfield is deep and playing him straight-away and the infield is the same except first, second, third and short are playing him to pull.

Randal Gets Tossed And Voit Goes Long: Your daily farm report

Cards vs. Cubs game thread: The VEB community's takes as they happened in this close game.

Cardinals beat the Cubs because they are a better team in 4-3 win: A post-game recap from StlCardsFan4 with a great #FullHeel title there.

MLB Draft Recap and Signings Tracker: This went live a week ago, but it's a good time to check back as the Cardinals have signed all twelve of their round 10 and earlier picks (which are the picks with slot money attached) and done so with a little over half a million bonus pool money left over. Later round picks only count against a team's bonus pool if the bonus if over $100,000, and even then only the amount over $100,000. Thus, the Cardinals have the budget to lure any late round picks to sign this year rather than pursue college. They have already done so with 11th rounder and 80-grade name John Killchowski ($200,000), and 19th rounder Daniel Castano ($130,000).