Tracking the Tough Signs from 2016 Draft

I'm really just identifying the 12-round-and-later high school guys at this point. I expect the college players will likely sign. So:

12th round: Brady Whalen

21st round Cade Caddiness

30th round Josh Burgmann

31st round Jonathan Murders

39th round Aaron Bond

40th round Jeremy Ydens

Looks like there might be a few hundred thousand left (depending on how much they needed for Killichowski) to sign maybe one (a few?) of these players.

Given what happened with Kep Brown (2015), Trevor MeGill (2014), and Trey Williams (2012), I'm amazed so many high school kids are willing to bet on their talent and turn down a six figure signing bonus to gamble for the seven digit. Can't blame them, but Kep Brown had several hundred thousand dollars in hand and has been injured most of this year. Seems like he has a very distant chance of getting back to that level. It'd be interesting to see what percentage of players who passed on an initial offer were able to come back and match/beat the offer in a later year.