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News and Notes: Kersaw v. Gibson, Piscotty v. Sabermetrics

Yesterday's VEB, today

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

John started off the day with an interesting read, comparing Clayton Kershaw and Bob Gibson. Kershaw has generally been better on a rate basis, but Gibson came from an era where pitchers went way later into games, and was one of the best at it.

With the draft just a week away, The Red Baron had one final batch of college pitchers to go over. Next Thursday, the Cardinals will add three of the top 35 eligible amateur prospects in the US (and Canada). On the first day of the draft, make sure to check in at VEB often with The Baron's takes on each Cardinals' early round draft pick.

Yesterday's Hunt and Peck featured the opinions of Stephen Piscotty and Matt Bowman on Sabermetrics. Piscotty had an opinion similar to probably most professional ballplayers, that he doesn't like them. Bowman is into it though, pointing out the ways that the Pirates and Royals have used the numbers to their advantage in their own ways. Unfortunately no one asked the Cardinals' newest Matt how he felt about the growing field of Sabermattrics.

The Cardinals failed to sweep the Brewers yesterday, but already had the series win in the bag. Check out the game thread for VEB's takes as they happened, and check out Zoomzoom's recap for a full post-game breakdown.

Lastly, Ebo shared another Farm report with us, as well as news that Harrison Bader left the game after a hit by pitch. Also Steve Bean homered, Junior Fernandez had a strong game, and Paul Dejong had two hits.