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Facebook Live Episode #3: Craig Edwards talks MLB Draft, Wong, and Molina

I took your questions and answered them in a live video feed.

I took your questions and answered as many as I could ahead of the Astros series on Facebook. The Cardinals were coming off a five-game win-streak including a sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates at home.

We covered a wide variety of topics, including:

  • the keys for the Cardinals recent surge and win streak
  • the Cardinals ability to beat good teams
  • my lack of ownership of a comb
  • whether deep dish pizza is pizza (it is), whether I say pop or soda or coke (pop growing up, interchangeable now), and my opinion on Imo's (whatever, it's pizza)
  • Lack of news on the signing bonus front after MLB Draft
  • Kolten Wong's trip to the minors and his potential in center field
  • Leadoff hitter when Carpenter is out
  • Potential trade targets
  • How the Cardinals can catch the Cubs
  • Randal Grichuk's pitch recognition
  • Molina's lack of rest, and Carson Kelly's future at catcher
  • International signing targets
  • Jose Oquendo's absence
  • Alex Reyes' potential arrival in St. Louis
Thanks again to all who participated. You can follow us on Facebook here.