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Cards News and Notes: Draft, Rosenthal, Marp

Yesterday's VEB

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Here's all the VEB stuff you missed on yesterday, Tuesday the 14th of June.

Cardinals Draft recap and signings tracker: Bookmark this one for the near future. Your go-to page for a recap of the Cardinals' draft picks and keeping track of who signed for what.

investigating Rosenthal's increased walk rate: My breakdown of Rosenthal's change-up and how his lack of command for it is costing him walks this year.

Matt Carpenter is the St. Louis Cardinals' leadoff man and don't you ever forget it - A Hunt and Peck: Some interesting quotes from Marp on hitting lead-off and how OBP is being valued over speed in the lead-off spot. Also, all your Cardinal and baseball related news for the day.

The Cardinals should destroy the Astros: A series preview.

St. Louis Cardinals Prospect Report: Alex Reyes Fans 9; Kolten Wong Plays Center Field: Your daily farm report

Game Thread: Read the VEB community's takes as they happened

Baseball sometimes sucks; Cards lose 5-2 to Astros: A post-game analysis