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Cardinals news and notes: Oh, bench, draft, Reds

Let's hear it for pitching "wins," and yesterday at VEB

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

For Thursday I had originally written 600 words on why the pitching win stat is dumb BUT YET(!!!!) Cardinal fans should be thankful for it anyway. It was great, it was beautiful, it would have swept this year's Webby Awards, but then I did a simple Google search (which I probably should have done before I started writing) and found that our own John Fleming did a dang Fan Post on the same subject matter back in October and made the exact same points (long story short: Jim Edmonds's fWAR after 2000 was much better than Kent Bottenfield's + yay) and the whole thing was wrecked. Thanks, John. Read or re-read his good post anyway.

Here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

The Finals Boss

If you want to see a lot of fantastic GIFs of Seung Hwan Oh mowing down the competition, read Joe Schwarz's article on the reliever who's been slaying the NL since April.

The bench

After transitioning from the "pitchers win" post, I wrote about the Cardinals' potent bench in 2016.

Carlos Martinez

Our favorite pitcher wined and dined several baseball players from the Dominican Republic.

The Draft

The NBA Draft at some point in the early 90s was my favorite night of the year. I've never watched a second of the MLB Draft but luckily the red baron does and has us covered. Read this preview, it's fantastic.

For their first pick the Cardinals selected SS Delvin Perez, a high schooler from Puerto Rico, whose stock dropped a bit as a result of a positive test for PEDs. The Cardinals may have found themselves a big steal. Read about Perez from the red baron here.


The Cardinals won the rubber match last night 3-2, and perhaps the most welcoming development of the night was the Wainwright was his old self. He went six innings, allowed only two runs, and struck out nine. At one point he sat down twelve in a row. Here's the game thread and the recap.

Have a great weekend, everyone.