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News and Notes: Diaz, Hazelbaker, Oscar

yesterday's VEB, today

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First up, Alex had a piece on the Cardinals Run Prevention, noting the difference between last year's incredibly high strand rate and this year's much lower strand rate. Strand rate has quite a big variance in outcomes, and between last year and now the Cardinals are getting the full swing of it.

Next, Joe had a great piece on Aledmys Diaz's Batted Ball profile. It's a short sample, but Diaz has been pulling the ball so much that pitchers have been exploiting it by pitching him outside much more often. Let's see if Diaz can adjust going forward.

Josey had another Farm report for us. Magneuris Sierra and Harrison Bader had good weekends, Alex Reyes and Jack Flaherty also had strong starts.

The second anniversery of Oscar Taveras' MLB debut was the subject of yesterday's Hunt and Peck. That beautiful rain-making swing will not leave my memory soon. Don't drink and drive, kids. I made the same mistake when I was his age (actually a little younger) and his fate could have been mine very easily.

Next up was my piece on Jeremy Hazelbaker, finding that he should be demoted in favor of Tommy Pham. Hazelbaker's strike out and walk numbers are so bad that it's unreasonable to expect him to be better than Pham, at least for the quarter of the year or so that Pham isn't injured.

The Cardinals won big over the Brewers yesterday, check out the game thread for VEB's takes as they happened, and check out StlCardsFan4's recap for a full breakdown.