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Cardinals news and notes: Martinez, prospects, and recaps

The weekend that was.

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With the latest edition of Late Nite Baseball set to begin on Tuesday, it will require all of our energy to stay up for the next several games in Anaheim against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (these naming conventions still confuse me) and in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. While the Cardinals will have an off-day today, it is imperative that we get sufficient rest today so that we may need less of it in the upcoming days. So I'm going to get straight to the weekend recap so you can get caught up as quickly as possible and go to bed at a reasonable hour today

The first month in review, and going forward

Ben Markham analyzed the first month of 2016 compared with how we predicted it would shake out in the beginning of the season. Things haven't quite gone according to plan: most of us didn't expect Aledmys Diaz to be the greatest shortstop in the history of Major League Baseball nor Adam Wainwright to appear so human, but this is how it went down. Games in April and early May count just as much as games in September, and unfortunately for the Cardinals, they find themselves in a bit of a hole, but there is plenty of time for the team to learn from early mistakes and prosper going forward.

Tsunami Waves

Carlos Martinez discussed his charitable efforts with Lil Scooter. After he was pulled early from his start on Friday, it was nice to read an upbeat piece regarding Martinez on Saturday morning.


The red baron analyzed some of the top college pitching prospects in the 2016 MLB Draft.


IHeartBoog handled the recap of Saturday's 6-4 walk-off thriller, courtesy of Matt Carpenter, and WyoCardsFan wrote the less happy one about yesterday's 10-5 loss.

Off-day today for the Cardinals. Watch the Blues game, watch other baseball, watch other playoffs, catch up on Netflix, or rest up for the West Coast games.