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Carlos Martinez is the best fan in baseball - A Hunt and Peck

He wills his team to victory by sheer enthusiasm alone.


Carlos Martinez is an excellent pitcher. As a starter, however, we are only graced by his pitching every five days (or so), which is a bummer. The good part about this, though, is that on the four days he is not pitching, he becomes more of a spectator, like us, but with better seats, access to the players, and there is still a possibilty he might make it into the game. The biggest difference between not-pitching Carlos and us, though, is that he is better. He is the best. Win or lose, Carlos is enjoying the game he loves, and honestly, we could all probably learn or thing or two from that.

In honor of his status as the best fan in baseball, here is a gif montage via the incomparable @VanHicklestein of him throwing water in people's faces:

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