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Cardinals news and notes: Wrigley Field, Grichuk, and the Phillies

The top 5 moments ever at Wrigley Field as well as yesterday's content at VEB

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Cubs and Pirates kicked off a series last night. I'm sure both teams are comprised of nice fellows but I don't care for either of them for obvious reasons. That said, they play in my two favorite venues in baseball. PNC Park is pretty much perfect and Wrigley Field feels like an institution. I'm sure some still bemoan the fact that they had the audacity to add lights to Wrigley nearly 30 years ago but for me, whether on television or in person, there's nothing like a baseball game at Wrigley under the lights.

And though Wrigley is home to our bitter rivals, it's currently in its 102nd year and the history is undeniable. With that in mind I thought it would be nice to count down the five greatest moments at Wrigley Field.

5. July 8, 2015 - Cubs almost win

The Cubs took a 5-4 lead into the top of the 9th versus the Cardinals with a chance to take three of four from the Birdos. But then, with two outs, this happened:

The Cubs would later get their revenge and make history by winning four total games in the 2015 postseason.

4. August 12, 2009 - Shane Victorino catches fly ball in left field

That's a fine catch, Shane.

3. May 16, 2000 - Cubs fan steals Chad Kreuter's cap

Take it away now-defunct ESPN.COM Page 2:

2. April 23, 2014 - 400 lb., mostly uneaten Wrigley Field celebratory cake finds home in dumpster


1. May 13, 1958 - Stan Musial collects his 3,000th hit

Here's Harry Caray, St. Louis native who grew up to be the legendary Cardinals announcer, with the call:

What a moment.

Here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Good Riddance to April

I wrote about the Cardinals' forgettable month to begin the season. They responded by hitting five home runs last night. That'll do.

Randal Grichuk

Joe Schwarz took an in-depth look at Randal Grichuk's strikeouts this year.


The plague!

Cardinals versus Phillies

The Cardinals welcomed the Phillies to Busch last night for the start of a four game series. They should destroy the Phillies and last night they did. Final score 10-3. You can visit the game thread here and read the enjoyable recap here.

And did you miss Adam Wainwright's monstrous home run last night? We can help you with that.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.