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Cardinals news and notes: Dingers, prospects, and recaps

I apologize for this brief reminder that this weekend happened in St. Louis Cardinalsdom.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It sure felt that way this weekend, didn't it?

The St. Louis Cardinals lost all three games of their weekend set against the Washington Nationals. And while it may excite producers of exciting and original #viral #content, it is understandably disappointing to people who want the Cardinals to win a bunch of baseball games as opposed to losing them.

The Cardinals are now on a four game losing streak, extending back to the final game of their series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. This ties their longest losing streak of 2015 and of 2014. So basically what I'm saying is that the Cardinals are absolutely, definitely going to win the National League Central. Just had to get the four game losing streak out of the way. However, if the Cardinals want to make the season TRULY special, they will need a seven game losing streak to win the pennant like in 2013, or perhaps the World Series like in 2011.

Losing shall set us free. Hopefully the Phillies, who have performed well so far this season, are for real, and the Cardinals can lock up the seven game losing streak which absolutely assures the Cardinals of a pennant.

In the midst of the chaos of the weekend of baseball, here's what you may have overlooked at VEB.


Ben Markham looked at the increased home run totals so far in 2016 for the Cardinals and how this may not be an unsustainable hot streak. The personnel for the Cardinals in 2016 is different than the personnel of 2015, which was different than the personnel in 2014, and so on. Additionally, players sometimes improve and historical precedent does not necessarily indicate future results. Of course, in the 18 innings following this post, the Cardinals combined for one home run and two total runs and...oh hey, look, a puppy with a baseball.


The red baron focused primarily on two Cardinals hitting prospects, Harrison Bader and Paul Dejong. And during dire offensive times such as these (yes, I'm being greedy, after weeks of perpetually 50 cent drinks at Mobil On The Run), a look into the future isn't the worst distraction in the world.


No exclamation mark on this one, on principle. This is, however, not a reflection on the quality of the recaps, which were typically impeccable. IHeartBoog handled it for Saturday's 6-1 loss and WyoCardsFan took care of the recap on Sunday for the, um, also 6-1 loss.

Will the Cardinals reverse their four game losing streak tonight against the Philadelphia Phillies or will I keep telling myself that a 7 game losing streak is a necessary part of a truly special Cardinals season? Check in to Viva El Birdos (and also Fox Sports Midwest, probably) tonight to find out!