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Cardinals on the big screen and local craft beers Thursday night

St. Louis Public Radio is hosting an event combining the Cardinals and local breweries Thursday night.


If you are reading this, you probably like the Cardinals. There is also a decent chance that you are in St. Louis. If those two things are true and you also happen to like good, local beer, there is an event going on Thursday night that should be of interest to you.

St. Louis Public Radio (90.7) is hosting an event at the Public Media Commons in Grand Center at 6pm tomorrow (Thursday) night where they will be showing the Cardinals game on their big screen and feature tastings of beers from local breweries. Shannon Lischwe, the Marketing and Events Coordinator at St. Louis Public Radio, too the time to answer a few questions about this event.

VEB: St. Louis Public Radio is combining a few things that appeals to a great deal of our audience, Cardinals baseball and good local beer. How did this event come together?

SL: Well, the beer/baseball partnership is a natural one, of course, and St. Louis Public Radio is thrilled to have such great access to the Public Media Commons with the two-story screen. The event practically put itself together.

VEB: Which breweries are represented?

SL: We are very happy to have representation from 5 area breweries including: 2nd Shift Brewing, 4 Hands Brewing Company, The Old Bakery Beer Company, Perennial Artisan Ales, and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

VEB: What will the baseball-watching experience be like for fans in attendance?

SL: We hope that fans will enjoy a game-watching experience like no other! The 2-story screen at Public Media Commons will make attendees feel like part of the action. And the beer sampling will be an easy way to try a number of local craft beers in a relaxed environment. BYO chair!

VEB: What other kinds of events do you host?

SL: This event is part of our event series "...And The Kitchen Sink" . Whether you are a fan of public radio or you have never listened, there is something for everyone in this series of discussions, live broadcasts, concerts and meet-ups.

VEB: Where does the money raised at this event go?

SL: We're a nonprofit, so money raised at this and all STLPR events goes right back into making news that matters for our listeners.

VEB: How do you aim to impact the people of St. Louis with your work?

SL: St. Louis Public Radio seeks to provide information and entertainment to the entire St. Louis community. Our special events are opportunities to bring community members to the station itself, to learn more about what we do, and to just have fun.

VEB: Do you have any other Cardinals events planned in the future?

SL: We would love to host more baseball watching parties in the future!

Tickets cost $15 and include eight beer sampling tickets and one hot dog or brat with vegetarian options. The address is 3653 Olive St. and you can buy tickets here.

The website for St. Louis Public Radio is here.

The current forecast for Thursday night at 6pm is 69 degrees, partly cloudy with no chance of rain.

Thanks to Shannon for making us aware of the event and answering a few questions.

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