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VEB Live: Craig Edwards discusses Pham, Diaz, and Reyes

Watch a live video chat as we discuss all things Cardinals

Last night, we tried something new at VEB, taking questions on Facebook and turning it into a live video. While the video is no longer technically live as it was recorded at 6pm last night ahead of the Cardinals game, it is still very much watchable, both from a technical and, at least in this author's opinion, aesthetic sense.

Topics Discussed:

  • We received a lot of questions on Aledmys Diaz. Where he should hit in the batting order and what will happen when Peralta comes back were both discussed at length.
  • The news of the day was Tommy Pham's rehab assignment ending and him being optioned to Memphis. I discussed what it means for Pham and the Cardinals as well as other options they had but chose not to exercise.
  • Batting order was discussed a bit, including my preferred alignment at the top of the order.
  • The upcoming international signing period was discussed, the rules involved and why the Cardinals might seize an opportunity to make a big splash.
  • The state of the Cardinals farm system and how that might impact how the Cardinals treat the trading deadline if they are still in the race.
  • Alex Reyes was a big topic of conversation as his suspension is just about over. Expectations for this season as well as a timeline to see him in St. Louis were covered.
Thanks to everyone who asked questions and participated and thanks to all of our followers on Facebook. We will be sure to do this again. I know we've been negligent when it comes to the podcast, and we do plan to get back to a more regular schedule there, but hopefully this provides a decent substitute in the meantime.