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Cardinals news and notes: Lackey, Leake, Angels

In-depth analysis of Christian Bethancourt's home run off John Lackey as well as yesterday at VEB

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cardinal now Cub John Lackey gave up a solo home run on Wednesday to Christian Bethancourt in the second game of the Cubs doubleheader (in which they were swept) against the Padres. Here it is:

Lackey didn't care for the way Bethancourt admired his bomb although that doesn't really come through in the video above. Let's try this one instead:

Even though Lackey in my mind is in the wrong, it's hard for me to find too much fault when a pitcher acts irrationally or gives a regrettable quote after a batter gets the best of him. These are competitive world-class athletes after all. Here's what Lackey had to say after the game about the home run, which, in case you missed it, can be seen right here:

And here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Mike Leake

Joe Schwarz took a look at Mike Leake's last quality start versus the Angels and whether it was the result of him having excellent stuff or a product of facing an inferior offensive team. Unfortunately, the numbers indicate that it might be the latter but the start was encouraging nonetheless.

Cardinals history

wrote about the history of Cardinals who have had at least five plate appearances but recorded no official at-bats in a single game.

El Gallo

Carlos has some salsa moves. Check him out.

Cardinals vs. Angels

In the last game of the series, the Cardinals beat the Angels 12-10 to complete the three game sweep. Albert Pujols homered in the bottom of the 9th which means he's now gone yard versus every team in MLB. Congrats, Albert.

You can find the game thread here, the recap here, and a video of Christian Bethancourt's home run off John Lackey right here:

Have a great weekend, everyone.