Enough with the Gyorko experiment at SS.

Let me start this off with saying yes, I was a big Jon Jay fan. I know he wasn't the big power hitting player this team sorely needs, and yes I understand the draw in starting the higher upside Grichuk in CF. This Cardinals team however, is lacking in one key element that Jay did bring though, which was the ability to put the ball in play.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me say I was cautiously optimistic in bringing in Gyorko. A right handed platoon option who could spell Wong against LHP's and occasionally giving Carpenter the day off as well. The idea that he could play SS in a pinch (freeing up the bench spot Greg Garcia was taking up) was a small added bonus. I knew he was below average at best defensively, but in my view he would get no more than the occasional start there when Peralta needed a day off.

As well as know, everything changed when Peralta was injured, and it was discovered he was going to need surgery. The only position (oustide of catcher) where there was not a competent backup, and now a ground ball heavy pitching staff was going to have an unproven SS behind them. Luckily for the Cardinals, Aledmys Diaz had a great spring and looked like he was ready for the chance at the starting job.

Of course we all know how that ended up. Mozeliak signed Ruben Tejada, and Diaz was sent to Minor League camp. The Tejada signing makes sense, bring in a proven commodity and let Diaz get some more playing time in AAA, where he has only played 14 games. When Tejada started the season on the DL and I saw Gyorko starting at SS on Opening Day my first thought was, Oh boy let's see how this ends up.

I don't want to come across that I'm beating up Jedd Gyorko, because I do think that used properly he will be an asset to this Cardinals team. Asking him to be the starting SS on a team with playoff and World Series aspirations though, will get you more plays like last night booting two routine ground balls hit right at him.

Aledmys Diaz should be the starting SS, if for no other reason that it allows Gyorko to play in a role he's more comfortable with. Put the kid out there and leave him there, so that even if he makes a mistake he's not worried he's going to be benched the next day. Peralta is not getting any younger, and we've already seen with Molina that players aren't the same after thumb and wrist injuries.

St. Louis needs to figure out now if Diaz can be a Major League SS, before Peralta is gone and they end up having to overpay someone in free agency or worse give up too much in a trade. Major League GM's love nothing more than to fleece one of their own when they know the other is desperate. (Rob Kaminsky for Brandon Moss)

Image Credit: John Bazemore AP