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Cards news and notes: loss in extras and another Cardinals book

leftover cold VEB to start your morning

First up yesterday was Craig's observation that our season preview was off to a bad start. That's not to say that the predictions were made under bad process; things can simply change really fast in baseball, and something unpredictable seems to happens everyday for the Cardinals lately.

Next, Joe had a piece the newest book on the Cardinals, Rob Raines' "Taking Flight". Joe finds it an enjoyable and interesting read for any Cardinals fan.

The subject of Lil Scooter's hunt and peck was a piece of trivia, check out the link to see if you can get it right, and while your there check out all the compiled links for all of yesterday's baseball news.

Next, I had a piece on Liriano's success against the Cards, coming to the conclusion that with the exception of the win-loss record and their results on balls in play, the Cardinals have actually fared pretty well against him.

The Cardinals will have to wait a little longer for their first win of the year, as they lost in extras yesterday. Check out the game thread for the VEB community's takes as they happened (spoiler alert: a lot of people were rightfully mad at Matheny). Also check out the recap thread from StlCardsFan4.

Today is a new day though, as the Cardinals will look to avoid a sweep with Mike Leake making his proper Cardinals debut, facing off against Juan Nicasio. Go Birds!