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Cardinals news and notes: Martinez, Piscotty, and the Nationals

What happened on April 29th on VEB? Only one way to find out (well, you could also just scroll through the articles on the front page, but this works too)!

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At Viva El Birdos, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, entertaining, and thoroughly considered content about the St. Louis Cardinals. If this is not our mission statement, it should be (I could probably ask somebody about this, but eh). But every once in a while, a truly important piece comes out through this here website, a piece that changes the way I view not only the Cardinals and baseball, but myself.

Yesterday, our own lil scooter 93 had one of those pieces.

She attempted to answer a question that has been plaguing many of us for years: are you the best fan in baseball? Well, am I?

Do you participate in the wave?

I do not, though I have come around a bit on the issue. I am no longer the anti-wave aficionado I once was, scoffing at the fun of others. If you want to do the wave, do it. Have fun. I will sit around and look grumpy. So even if I don't think it's "an abomination", I guess that's my pick for flowchart purposes.

Which baseball player do you like more: Chase Utley or Bryce Harper?

Harper. That Utley slide, man. Keep making baseball fun again, Bryce.

When an opposing player makes a great play, do you boo or clap politely?

Clap politely, I guess. Booing takes effort and energy that I don't bother using on genuinely unlikable players very often, much less guys who simply bested me in sports.

Do you keep score?

No. That's what scoreboards are for.

Cracker jacks or cracker jack?

GIF, as in "the way that does not rhyme with the peanut butter." And cracker jack.

Are you a St. Louis Cardinals fan?

No, I am an objective sports blog journalist guy. But yes.

Congrats! You are the best fan in baseball!

Sweet. Here's the links.

Carlos Martinez

wrote about Carlos Martinez, because I enjoy writing about players people enjoy, and how he ranks among the best young pitchers in baseball. Because he has been around for several years, we tend to take for granted how few pitchers his age even pitch in Major League Baseball, much less pitch at a high level.

Stephen Piscotty

Joe Schwarz took a dive into Stephen Piscotty, a very good baseball player who has been overshadowed so far in 2016 by the incredibly starts of Aledmys Diaz and Jeremy Hazelbaker. Joe used the phrase "professional hitter" to describe Piscotty, a phrase I often saw attributed to Allen Craig in his heyday, which scares me a little bit, but hopefully he means the "down-ballot MVP voter getter" Craig rather than the quad-A Red Sox player he currently is.

The Nationals

Craig Edwards wrote about how the Cardinals should destroy the Nationals. Lil scooter wrote about how they did not. And so it goes.

Until today! Jaime Garcia pitches today and that is cool sometimes.