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Cards News and Notes: All-Star voting, Cards crush, Screw batting average

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To start the day off, Craig showed that most of the Cardinals are hitting well, even though they have low marks in Batting Average. Despite being the most popular hitting stat in baseball, Batting Average isn't a strong way to convey how a hitter has performed, as it ignores walks and extra base hits, which are a very large part of hitting.

It's still April, but voting is already underway for the All-Star game. That's the subject of Lil Scooter's Hunt and Peck, which is also a one-stop-shop for all your Cardinals and baseball related news. I for one think it's a bit ridiculous that the voting begins so early, but it's not something I personally can get worked up over so whatever.

Next up, my piece for the day was about Kolten Wong's supremely weak contact quality. I for one think Wong will figure out his issues there, and may actually come out of it an improved player, as his plate discipline numbers are improved from last year.

The Cardinals mopped the floor with the Diamondbacks yesterday, knocking around former Cardinal Shelby Miller. Check out the game thread for VEB's takes as they happened, and check out StlCardFan4's recap thread for a full post game breakdown.

Today is another late start time for Cards fans in the Central Time Zone, with the struggling Adam Wainwright facing off against Patrick Corbin at 8:40 CT. Corbin turned in a strong partial season last year with 3.60/3.35 FIP/xFIP over 16 starts and 85 innings. He struck out about eight and a quarter hitters per nine last year while walking less than two per nine. So far this year though, he's struck out less than six per nine and been a little homer prone, leading to a 5.40/4.03 FIP/xFIP over his first four starts and 25 and 2/3 innings. Hopefully those struggles continue tomorrow, and hopefully Waino shows some progress. Go Birds!