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Cardinals news and notes: Carpenter, Padres, and prospects

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Your friendly neighborhood April 23-24 weekend update

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rare is the St. Louis Cardinals weekend series which will receive less attention from fans than the series that the Cardinals just concluded at Petco Park against the San Diego Padres.

Friday night's 9:40 St. Louis local time start meant less night-owlish fans had to weigh their desire for sleep and their desire to watch their favorite baseball team play against a team whose top projected position player heading into the season was Derek Norris. Saturday night, the Cardinals had an earlier start, but had to compete against a St. Louis Blues playoff game, and even after the Blues stopped playing, many fans stuck around to watch the final two periods of the game anyway. And by Sunday's 3:40 start, a strange time to begin a baseball game for local fans anyway, and with the Cardinals competing against fantastic weather in St. Louis, this was not the greatest weekend to lure those not yet fully enticed by baseball season back into the fold.

Tonight's game, an 8:40 start competing directly with Game 7 of the Blues/Blackhawks NHL playoff series, may not reverse the trend, and as such, you may have even more of a pressing need to read updates about the Cardinals. Check back throughout today and every day for updates, but for now, here is a recap of what happened over the weekend.

Matt Carpenter

Ben Markham took an early look at Matt Carpenter's batted ball data so far in 2016. Carpenter has taken some extreme turns in his career trajectory, evolving from doubles to walk to home run machine throughout the years, and while it is entirely too early to declare what the new version of Matt Carpenter is, it is still fun to take a look.


The red baron published his lucky thirteenth draft preview on Sunday. Due to the tremendous size of the MLB draft, there is always a lot to digest, but once again, RB has done quite a bit of the arduous compilation process for us.

Game recaps

After losing the first game of their three-game set with the Padres on Friday night (well, Saturday morning), the Cardinals won on Saturday and Sunday. IHeartBoog handled the recap of Saturday's 11-2 victory and dr. howl wrote the recap of yesterday's 8-5 victory.

Plenty of good sports tonight. Go Cardinals, and go Blues.