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We can't stop talkin' about Randal Grichuk walkin' - A Hunt and Peck

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I, for one, embrace our new Grichuk overlord.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I love walks. If you asked me what I would rather see - a player hit a 450 foot homer or a player work a ten-pitch full-count walk - I would tell you I would probably rather see the Cardinals homer because those equal instant run(s). But, if I had no rooting interest in the game, I would rather see the walk.

Hitting home runs is very hard, and I understand that, but there is something about a walk, especially one that has been truly earned, that is just beautiful. With every ball taken, every borderline pitch fouled off, you can almost see the doubt creep into the pitcher. He throws his best pitch, but the batter knows better, basically telling him to just give up already.

Randal Grichuk plays good centerfield defense and hits for power, but he swings at everything and misses a lot. The tools he possesses make him a valuable player, but not one I could truly love.

Unless, of course, he keeps walking.

Yesterday, Alex Crisafulli posited whether we were seeing a different Randal Grichuk. So far in the young 2016 season, his out of zone swing percentage is down eight percentage points from 2015. The sample size is small, but the difference is enough to make you wonder. Even Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs has noticed:

I'm going to get wayyy ahead of myself, just for fun. Let's just pretend like Grichuk's new O-Swing% is for real. Pretend he's going to run a 20% rate this year. That would be a drop from last year of about 16 percentage points. Since 2008, the biggest season-to-season drop in O-Swing% is 12 percentage points, given a minimum of 200 trips to the plate in successive seasons.

If this new patient Grichuk is for real, the Cardinals do not just merely have a valuable player, they have a pretty good one. And one that could definitely find a place in my heart.

Hopefully @DIdGrichukWalk finds him/herself much busier than he/she expected.

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