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Cards news and notes: Oh, the Arm, and Aledmys

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he's Oh so good
he's Oh so good
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Craig had a great Q and A with author of "The Arm", Jeff Passan. Passan thinks that having a greater sense of safety at the youth level, and less emphasis on competition, would make a big difference. Check out the link to get a better idea of the research that went into his new book.

Next, up Joe chronicled the Cardinals' issues with errors to begin the season. It sure makes me miss the incredibly smooth and sure handed Jhonny Peralta. No, he doesn't have the range to make a bunch of highlight reel plays, but makes nearly all the plays he's supposed to.

Lil Scooter's hunt and peck focused on a great fangraphs article on how Oh has the lowest contact% in the league. Oh's opponent's contact rate: 41.2%. Second place: Craig Kimbrel at 59.5%. It's early, and it's only 25 batters (before last night) but Oh has dominated at a level that no one else has so far in 2016. Check the hunt and peck link as well for all your cardinals and baseball related news in one convenient post.

I was next up with a piece on Aledmys Diaz's hot start. He's inevitably going to cool off, but there are some very welcoming signs in his profile, such as strong strike zone judgement, high contact rates, high average Exit Velocity, and high average fly ball distance numbers. We all know he's booted a few more than he should have on defense, but his offensive profile is very enticing.

On the farm front, Ebo looked at the Palm Beach Cardinals, the High-A club, listing off the various prospects at the level. Jack Flaherty, Derren Seferina, and Oscar Mercado are the three prospects I personally am most interested in following.

Last night was a tough one. I had piles of schoolwork to attend to, but with the combination of a Cards/Cubs game and Jaime on the mound pulled me in, and boy was it a frustrating experience. Check out the game thread for VEB's takes as they happened, and check out the recap thread for Jon Snowzeliak's breakdown.

That's baseball, and while yesterday was rough, tomorrow's a new day. To make things all the better, it's El Gallo day! Carlos Martinez takes on Kyle Hendricks, who is off to a sterling start to the year with 10 strike outs and one walk over 12 and two-thirds innings in his first two starts. In 2015, he held a much better than you'd expect 3.36 FIP with 8.35 K/9 and 2.15 BB/9. Game time is 12:45 CT. GO CARDS!!