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Cardinals news and notes: Waino, Adams, and the weekend

A look back at the weekend on VEB.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Today, for the first time since last year's NLDS, the St. Louis Cardinals will face the Chicago Cubs. Which means that Jason Heyward will return to Busch Stadium for the first time since he led the Cardinals in Wins Above Replacement during his one season in St. Louis.

Some have speculated as to the reaction that Heyward will receive from Cardinals fans. Certainly, there will be some cheers, but there is also the possibility of booing. Which would be an absolute shame, a sign for all of baseball eternity that unlike other baseball fan bases, which are Good, Cardinals fans are Bad.

It's important to remember this. Only St. Louis would have the audacity to boo a player for skipping town for greener pastures.

The only thing that could make Cardinals fans appear worse would be if they booed a player who did not even leave on his own terms. Awful!

Anyway, here's what you may have missed at VEB over the weekend.

Matt Adams as odd man out

Ben Markham took a look at Matt Adams and how, with the rise of other players on the Cardinals, he should receive less playing time. And provided that the hot bats stay hot, it's hard to argue against this. However, it's nice to have a player who has flashed as much potential as Adams waiting around in case somebody becomes hurt or ineffective.

The Saturday game...let's not talk about it

But if you insist on not pretending it didn't happen, IHeartBoog handled the game recap. In lieu of any new or interesting content to add to what was said in the recap, here is my haiku recap of the events.

"Adam Wainwright was

kept around to get a win.

He didn't get one."

Yeah. But speaking of Wainwright...

More contemplation of Waino panic

The red baron wonders when it is too soon to panic about Adam Wainwright. As somebody utterly incapable of objectivity, I'll yield to RB: not that he is capable of objectivity; I just don't want to take any blame on the matter. Regardless, Adam Wainwright has not looked like himself (at least the himself we saw before his bullpen duty late in 2015 and during last year's playoffs), and hopefully that stops. And hopefully Jaime Garcia continues to pitch like a man possessed and Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez take big steps forward and Mike Leake eats innings like Pac-Man eats pellets and they win 130 games this season.

This probably isn't going to happen. At least not all of it. Probably not, at least.

The April 17 game recap

WyoCardsFan handled the recap of yesterday's game, in which Eric Fryer led the Cardinals to victory in both the game and the series. Of course he did.

Cardinals and Cubs starts today. I hear it's a big deal.