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Cardinals news and notes: Garcia, Wacha, Martinez, & Busch Stadium

Yesterday at VEB

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday afternoon, Jaime Garcia threw the first complete game shutout for the Cardinals since 2014, struck out 13, and only needed 104 pitches to do it in a 7-0 win over the Milwaukee Brewers. It was quite possibly the best pitching performance from any Cardinal since May 11, 2013, when Shelby Miller allowed a weak single to the first batter he faced and then retired 27 straight Colorado Rockies, with 13 strikeouts along the way.

To help his cause, Garcia was also 2-3 with a run scored. So yes, he had more hits than the entire Brewers team. And while it was a great pitching performance, this intro is just an excuse to watch the video of Garcia from 2011 hitting a three-run home run off these same Brewers.

Here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Michael Wacha

Joe Schwarz took a deep dive into Michael Wacha's second start of the season and detailed what worked for him. As any time Joe writes about pitching, this one is worth a read. And I don't know the context but someone posted a picture of an old Steve Braun baseball card in the comments, and he looks like he's had it with the photographer.

Busch Stadium

wrote on how well the Cardinals have played at Busch Stadium in the Mike Matheny era. It's a trend we all hope continues.

Carlos Martinez

Carlos is taking the mound tomorrow to kick off the series with the Cincinnati Reds, and more importantly he is still doing wonderful things through his charity. Lil Scooter has the details.

Jaime Garcia and yesterday's game

Returning to the original theme, Garcia dominated the Brewers yesterday and you can catch up on the game thread here. A wonderful game recap was also penned by As You Van Slyke It and concluded with this GIF:

And now that you've seen that, please take some time on your Friday to enjoy this:

Have a great weekend, everyone.