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Garcia Gem Propels Cards to 7-0 Win

Jaime's 1-Hitter Plus Offensive Burst Topples Brewers

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Call it Jaime Garcia and the Wonderful, Excellent, Very Good, No Bad Day.  Our favorite well-groomed lefty threw a dominant game - 13 Ks, 1 BB, and a single hit (a sharp single off the bat of Domingo Santana), while also smacking two singles of his own.  Yes, Jaime got twice as many hits as the Brewers today.  He was spectacular, and his Game Score of 97 reflects that.

Jaime could do no wrong today.  The only at-bat that was even remotely worrisome was the second at-bat of the game: Scooter Gennett worked a 9 pitch at-bat with Jaime starting out 3-0 on three straight high pitches before striking Scooter out.  Jaime must love symmetry, because in addition to his 13 Ks he notched 13 groundouts, with the overwhelming majority coming on light contact.  He looked SHARP.

The offense didn't let up today either.  Starter Wily Peralta looking ragged at 73 pitches through 3 innings as the Cards consistently worked the count to draw out plate appearances.

The Jeremy Hazelbaker Experience continues, with Hagelbagel legging out an infield single (good!) before getting caught stealing (bad!).  His natural speed didn't show up much in the SB attempt; he looked to have a bad jump on an ill-advised attempt.  Hazelbaker also smashed a 2 run HR in the 7th that extended the Cards' already strong lead.

Aledmys Diaz also continues to show bursts of power - in addition to his double in the 4th, he had a strong line drive that just happened to drop right in Keon Broxton's glove.

Speaking of the Broxton that is not our Broxton (you can tell by the smaller pants) - he nearly made a Web Gem catch in center to rob Randal Grichuk of a 3rd inning home run.  Broxton got a great jump and got a glove on the ball but couldn't pull it back down.  Grichuk actually got lucky twice on that HR - first by Broxton's near-grab and second when he passed Brandon Moss on the basepaths.  He should have been called out and credited with an RBI single, but both the umpires and the Brewers seemed strangely unaware or unconcerned with it.  However, Grichuk gets an additional measure of praise for drawing ANOTHER walk.  He is now at 6 walks on the season - something that took him until June 24th last year.

Other offensive notes: Matt Carpenter has rediscovered his love for doubles with 2 today, Yadier Molina was 2-4 with a double.  On defense, generally cromulent overall as the Matt Holliday to 1B experiment takes a day off.  Actually, Holliday kind of got to take the day off in general as not one single ball was hit in his direction.  Call it his DH day.

Overall game grade: A

Overall experience of watching Jaime pitch today: