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Cards News and Notes: Carlos, Springfield, broken winning streak

Yesterday's VEB today

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First, the Red Baron took An entirely too early look at the Cardinals' offense. It's hard not to like what you see so far, but it's also only been a handful of games.

Next, Ben Godar looked at the amount of games the Cardinals play against tanking teams, and how that could affect their record.

Lil Scooter's Hunt and Peck centered around what players love about being Cardinals. Also check out the Hunt and Peck for all Cardinals related news.

John reminded everyone not to worry about the emotions that Carlos Martinez shows on the mound. He's been a good pitcher and while sometimes he visibly loses his cool, it's nothing half as bad as the stuff Chris Carpenter did. Even Waino showed some negative emotion in his last start.

Another one bites the dust in the Cardinals' never-ending injury parade, as Marco Gonzales will require Tommy John Surgery. See you in 2017, Marco. It will be interesting to see how the starter depth looks a year from now, with Alex Reyes and Luke Weaver possibly being options, and Jack Flaherty not far behind. If things work out well enough for that trio, Gonzales may be bound for the bullpen. Pitching is unpredictable though, so we'll see how it plays out.

Ebo looks at the Springfield Cardinals' roster in his latest DFR. Paul Dejong, Harrison Bader, and Carson Kelly will definitely be the three Double-A players I'll be checking up on throughout the season.

The Cardinals lost a close one to break their four game winning streak, check out the game thread for VEB's takes as they happened, and check out Dr. Howl's recap thread for a full post-game breakdown.

Today is Jaime Day with the Cardinals taking on Wily Peralta of the Brewers, with the action starting at 12:45 PM. Let's see if the Cards get start a new winning streak!