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Cardinals v Twins Game Thread: 3/8/2016

Michael Wacha makes his first start of Spring Training

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals are now one day out from learning about the injury to Jhonny Peralta. The team now has a month to assess the options. Aledmys Diaz, Jedd Gyorko, Greg Garcia, and maybe even Dean Anna should expect to receive a lot of playing time at the shortstop position so the Cardinals can determine whether to roll with what they have or need to pursue someone outside the organization.

Yesterday, Jedd Gyorko got the start at shortstop and today it is Aledmys Diaz's turn as the team takes on the Minnesota Twins. The game is available on and the MLB At Bat for audio only. This is unfortunate as Michael Wacha is making his first start of Sparing Training and it would have been nice to see if he has put some of his mechanical issues behind him after struggling down the stretch last season. He might be the most intriguing player in camp given his potential and past as an ace-like performer and how he faded down the stretch.

Here is today's lineup:

After Michael Wacha is done, Juan Gonzalez, Trey Nielsen, Seung Hwan Oh, Miguel Socolovich, J.C. Sulbaran, Sam Tuivailala, and Luke Weaver are available in the bullpen. Enjoy the game!