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Cardinals v Astros Game Thread: 3/4/2016

The Cardinals are playing and it is on MLBtv.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinal are currently undefeated and on pace to have the greatest season of all time so long as they never lose again. Even if they do not live up to those lofty standards, they are still set to have a fun, exciting season as the seek their sixth straight appearances in the playoffs.

Today the Cardinals are playing the Astros. Is this a revenge game after the hacking scandal of last summer? Probably not, but it the first opportunity fans at home will have to actually watch the Cardinals play baseball as the game is on MLBtv today. If you do not have, the game should be available on for audio as well as the MLB At Bat app. For a full television/radio/streaming schedule, see our post here.

As for the lineup, the artwork below is courtesy of Daniel Doelling's twitter account. He has also graciously allowed these lineups to be posted earlier in the day on the Viva El Birdos Facebook page.

As for the pitchers, Jaime Garcia is taking the mound today. Here are the rest of the scheduled pitchers (it is the list on the right).

Enjoy the game.