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Cardinals news and notes: Carlos, Wacha, Wong, and Hank

Yesterday at VEB

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is almost here.  It's a time for rebirth - and not a moment too soon because Hank the Dog might be dead.

(Baseball is doing okay, though.)

Here's what you missed yesterday at VEB:

Carlos Martinez

Michael Wacha

  • Joe Schwarz analyzed Michael Wacha's troubling inability to command his fastball.  And from the comments section, here's an '88 Score card of Lee Tunnell that was posted by lazyrasmus.  Fun fact about '88 Score, their debut set: Every card depicts the player in an action shot.  Okay, fine, that's not all that much fun but who can have fun when Hank might be dead.

Kolten Wong

  • Craig Edwards looked at the Cardinals' payroll in light of Kolten Wong's contract extension.  Bottom line: They're in good financial shape to lock up more young guys like Wacha and Martinez.
Spring Training Game Thread

  • The Cardinals beat the Miami Marlins 4-3 yesterday in spring training action and there was a game thread if you want to relive the big game.  And here's beat writer Jenifer Langosch's rundown from the game.

A Good Tweet

Have a great weekend, everyone.