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Cardinals v Marlins Game Thread: 3/30/2016

Michael Wacha gets his last start of Spring on Fox Sports Midwest and

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here at VEB we had a ton of team meetings about escalating tensions, the climate in the bloghouse, and the rules and procedures. These meetings lasted so long, we thought they might drag on into the regular season and affect blog chemistry. It turns out that we were so bored with Spring Training that most people were purposefully dragging out the meetings in the hopes that it would make the season come sooner. It almost worked. There are two more Spring Training games before the real ones start. Today is one of those games. After tomorrow, the games count.

Today's game is on Fox Sports Midwest and

Michael Wacha gets the start, and I still don't think we have any idea what to expect from him this season, although right now he is slated to pitch the second game of the season next Tuesday.

Here is the rest of the lineup:

Enjoy the Game!