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Cardinals news and notes: Oquendo, market shares, and the '16 Preview

Brian Jordan's birthday and yesterday at VEB

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Today is the birthday of Brian Jordan, who played OF for the Cardinals from 1992-1998 not to mention defensive back with the Atlanta Falcons from 1989-1991.  I always felt Jordan was a bit under-appreciated by fans which could perhaps be due to the fact that his best season with the Cardinals happened to be the same year Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs.  He was overshadowed but in 1998 Jordan hit .316/.368/.534 with a 6.9 fWAR which was good for eighth in the NL.  Unfortunately, he didn't make the All-Star game or receive a single MVP vote.  He left the Cardinals after that season but played until 2006 - mostly with the Braves - and retired worth more than 30 wins by fWAR.  Happy birthday, Brian.

Here's what you missed yesterday at VEB:

2016 Preview

Craig Edwards put together the ultimate 2016 Cardinals preview with a some help from the contributors at VEB.  The last line sums everything up: Let's have some fun.

Also, Jason Heyward being chased around by bees inspired a pretty good moment in the comments:

Jose Oquendo

Not having Jose Oquendo suited up in the birds on the bat doesn't seem right but that's the current situation as Lil Scooter noted he's out with a knee operation.  Oquendo's taking a leave of absence and could be gone the entire year.

Cardinals in a two-sport town

John Fleming wrote about the Cardinals' place in St. Louis now that the Rams are gone and whether as a result they can be even more popular in town.

Have a fine Tuesday, everyone.