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Cardinals v Mets Game Thread: 3/28/2016

Carlos Martinez v Bartolo Colon on Fox Sports Midwest and

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Martinez is making what is likely his last Grapefruit League appearance of the season. While that alone is reason enough to watch and pay attention to the game, there is additional intrigue. Yadier Molina was originally slated to start at catcher for this game, but he has mysteriously been pulled and Eric Fryer is set to take his place.

We have no idea what is going with Molina so hopefully we will receive some update during the game about how he is doing fine but is just getting a day off. Until then, try not to panic.

The game is on Fox Sports Midwest and

Here is the lineup:

If you haven't yet done so, be sure to check out our comprehensive season preview.

Enjoy the game today!