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Cardinals v Mets Game Thread: 3/25/2016

Michael Wacha takes on Noah Syndergaard on ESPN and

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is just nine days away and we still do not know what Michael Wacha will bring to the Cardinals this season. In his piece on Wacha yesterday, Alex Crisafulli wondered if Wacha could recapture his ace status.

Wacha has been an enigma of sorts, and, in my opinion, is the one likely to move the needle on whether the Cardinals will be considered to have the best rotation in the NL at year's end. That this imaginary title hinges on Wacha feels disingenuous since the rotation is so balanced as well as being less than a year removed from losing Wainwright for almost the entire season and still allowing the fewest runs in baseball. But there's going to be regression in run prevention and it would be nice to counter that with Wacha assuming the role of co-ace with Wainwright, which is a title that's been bestowed on him before.

The game will be shown on ESPN and

Here is the lineup:

Enjoy the game!