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Cards News and Notes: College LHP, Marp, Leake

Yesterday's dose of VEB

The Red Baron shared his 11th Draft Preview with us yesterday, this one focusing on college left-handed pitchers, a segment the Baron believes is average this year. One pitcher comes with a lot of comparisons to relief ace Andrew Miller, another is recommended due to a great sinker and great ability to locate it, and the last is of the "crafty lefty" variety and is the one the Baron is most comfortable projecting as a starter, comparing him to a better Marco Gonzales.

Ben Godar wondered what version of Matt Carpenter we'll see this year. In 2013 he led the league in hits, and in 2014 he led the league in walks. In 2015 he nearly led the league in fly balls, en route to power outbreak that saw him win a golf cart in a preseason bet with Adam Wainwright. Carpenter wants to combine all three approaches in 2016, and I'm anxious to see the results of that in action.

Mike Leake talking hitting on MLB network was the subject of yesterday's hunt and peck. Make sure to use Lil Scooter's convenient article to catch up on all of yesterday's baseball-related news.

the Cardinals squared off against the Marlins yesterday, check out the comments section of the game thread for VEB's takes as they happened, and check out the recap thread for a breakdown from As You Van Slyke It.

Lastly, I looked at the Cardinals pitching staff as a whole, coming to the conclusion that they have a strong chance of meeting the Innings Demand for the 2016 season.