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Cardinals v Red Sox Game Thread: 3/21/2106

Watch the Cardinals on Fox Sports Midwest or ESPN as Marco Gonzales starts in place of Jaime Garcia

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

A few eyebrows were raised when the Cardinals announced that Jaime Garcia would not make his scheduled start against the Red Sox today, and would instead pitch on the backfields. Given Garcia's injury history, any adjustment to his schedule is concerning, but there appears to be little cause for concern at this point. Garcia simply wants to be able to simulate different situations that he might not get the opportunity to do in a normal game situation.

The beneficiary of Garcia's back field work is Marco Gonzales. Over the weekend, the red baron wondered if Gonzales' long term future might be outside the organization, but for this season, Gonzales appears primed to play an important role as sixth starter, getting ready down in Memphis. After a lost season last year, Gonzales tries to retake his spot in the Cardinals organization so when the inevitable injury occurs, he can join the Cardinals rotation.

Today's game is on Fox Sports Midwest and ESPN. Full Spring Training Broadcast schedule is available here.

Here is the lineup:

Enjoy the game!