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St. Louis Cardinals v Florida Atlantic, Game Thread: 3/2/2015

The Cardinals are playing in an actual competition today.

Cardinals starter Austin Gomber
Cardinals starter Austin Gomber
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The wait is over, sort of. The Cardinals are playing a game in their own uniforms against a team that does not have the same uniforms. Coaches will not be pitching to players. Score will be kept. It might not be quite the real thing, but after a long, dull winter, this is much better than the alternative of no baseball.

Today's game should have an audio broadcast from as well as the MLB At Bat app. We covered the complete spring training schedule and the television, streaming, and radio broadcasts here. The first game we can actually watch is this Friday. Every game starts around noon, St. Louis time. At the bottom of our post, there was a poll asking whether you wanted Game Threads for these games. This post is the result of said poll.

As for who will be playing in today's game, the most intriguing debut will be free agent acquisition Seung Hwan Oh, who is expected to get in the game at some point. In a nice story, Austin Gomber, the Cardinals minor league pitcher of the year last season, will be starting against his alma mater, Florida Atlantic University.

As for the rest of the lineup, prospects Carson Kelly, Anthony Garcia, and Charlie Tilson are playing, as is Greg Garcia, who right now is in good position to win a spot on the Opening Day roster.

As for the list of pitchers, this comes courtesy of Chris Hrabe of KMOX, who will be doing some of the radio broadcasts on the Cardinals stream this spring.

This is the first game thread of the year so it would be understandable if there were a few bobbles in the comments, but remember to be respectful, and stick to the community guidelines.

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Baseball is back!