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Cardinals news and notes: Leake, Freese, and Gibby

Yesterday at VEB

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Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The interesting Adam LaRoche / White Sox saga left me wondering if there had ever been a prominent kid in the Cardinals' clubhouse.  I couldn't come up with one (if I'm forgetting someone let me know), but on Opening Day in 1986 Ozzie Smith was injured and unable to do his trademark backflip so his son, Osborne Earl "Nikko" Smith, ran out on the field and did a somersault much to the amusement of the Busch Stadium crowd.  I can't find a video but if you have an old copy of Ozzie the Movie lying around - and dammit, you should -  this moment is featured.  But instead, please enjoy this wonderful commercial from 1983 of Ozzie plugging the now-defunct Vess Cola.

Here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Mike Leake

Joe Schwarz analyzed whether Mike Leake can be more than just an "innings eater" for the Cardinals in 2016 and took a look at his pitching repertoire.  Personally, I stand with the sentiments expressed here:

David Freese

I've often wondered how the general public would view the post-2000 Cardinals if David Freese hadn't miraculously willed the team to a Game 6 win in the 2011 World Series and I tried to explore that here.  Also, very strong chance the word "seemingly" is too prolific in my vocabulary.

Carlos Martinez

It's good to have Carlos back, right?  He got a haircut and struck out five Tigers yesterday in 2.2 innings.  Here's the game thread, if interested.

Bob Gibson

In light of the NCAA tournamentCraig Edwards re-posted a column from 2014 on former Creighton basketball star Bob Gibson.  It's a great read.  I read Gibson's autobiography From Ghetto to Glory in grade school and I remember being stunned to learn that he was a standout basketball player in college and even did a tour with the Harlem Globetrotters.  He's truly a remarkably person.

Matt Holliday

Lastly, here are the results from the VEB projections for Matt Holliday in 2016.  If they turn out close to accurate we should all be happy.

A Good Tweet

It has begun.  Have a great weekend, everyone.