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Cardinals Game/Carlos Martinez/NCAA Tournament Thread

Carlos Martinez is pitching on the MLB Network while the first round of NCAA Tournament begins.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Martinez gets back on the mound today after making a two-inning debut against Atlanta on March 11. He looked just about as well as a pitcher could look in his first spring action. He walked the first batter of the game, but ended up with two strikeouts as he tested out his slider and change.

Today, he will go against the Tigers and hopefully continue to build up innings to get ready for the regular season. The game will be on MLB Network and There is the possibility that you might not be watching the Cardinals all game long as the NCAA tournament is also beginning. If you feel like discussing those games, feel free, although during the time that Martinez is pitching, there is likely to be just one game going on.

Today's lineup, with the exception of Kolten Wong, could very well be the Opening Day lineup depending on what happens at shortstop. Expect Carpenter-Piscotty-Holliday-Grichuk at the top of the lineup.

Enjoy the game(s)!