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Cards News and Notes: Tejada, Cardinals Hall of Fame, and HS Outfielders

Yesterday's serving of VEB

G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

We've turned from projecting to looking at the results of the projections, with Craig yesterday announcing the results for Trevor Rosenthal's VEB projections. VEB projected a 2.1 WAR, and I love Rosie, but 2.1 is a pretty large number for a reliever. I could certainly see Rosie eclipsing that number in 2016, but I'll take the under.

Yesterday was Wednesday, meaning The Red Baron dropped some more Draft Knowledge on us, this one covering three highschool outfielders that The Baron sees as having some of the highest ceilings of the draft.

Outsports, SBN's blog following gay and lesbian issues in sports, covered the story of Tyler Dunnington, a former Cardinals minor leaguer who reportedly quit after hearing several homophobic comments from his team members and coaches. Sheesh, he just had to play for the Cardinals, who really could use a break from bad PR. Professional sports does seem to be one of the last bastions of homophobia in America, perhaps due to sharing space in locker rooms, but hopefully the great work done by Billy Bean pays off and a player's sexuality is a non-factor is sports soon enough.

Ben Godar had the scoop on the next round of voting for the Cardinals Hall of Fame. Chris Carpenter, Scott Rolen, and Jason Isringhausen join Kieth Hernandez,  Mark McGwire, Matt Morris, Edgar Renteria, and Joe Torre as eligible for induction this year. With so many of my adolescent hero's on the list, this is some Hall of Fame discussion that is actually very interesting (as opposed to the complete mess that the BBWAA has created).

Lil Scooter's hunt and peck gave us all the baseball-related news for the day, including a concentration of information on the Cardinals' shortstop situation and Ruben Tejada being placed on waivers by the Mets.

Jaime was on the mound for a Spring Training game against the Braves, check out the game thread for VEB's reactions as they happened.

Finally I followed that up with yet another story on Ruben Tejada, in which I took the position that even though Tejada would come cheap, he's still not a good fit. The commentators mostly disagreed with me though, and they do make some good points, so check out the comment section as well.