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Cardinals news and notes: Platoons, projections, and game threads

Here is your source for the exclusive Pi Day wrap-up of March 12-13 on VEB.

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In case you have not checked your calendar yet, today is Pi Day. For those who are less indoctrinated into nerdy (well, "nerdy" in the sense of using elementary to middle school math jokes) internet culture, today is Pi Day because the mathematical constant "pi" rounded to the nearest hundredth is 3.14, and today is 3/14.

Technically, if you think about it, shouldn't Pi Day celebrations be at noon on November 3? The fractional representation of the number is 22/7. There is no 22nd month, but this fraction can be further extrapolated to 11/3.5. The 11th month is November, and then half-way through the 3rd day...anyone? Anyone? I suppose we can revisit the topic a few months from now; I wouldn't want to deprive any of you of some of the Pi Day-related deals that will be out there for you today.

Today is also the 31st birthday of Steven Hill, who had 13 career MLB plate appearances, all for the Cardinals in 2010 and 2012. He only had three in 2010, in an August 15 game against the Chicago Cubs, but he did hit a home run, which is pretty neat. In a strange twist of fate, he did not even lead that game in most RBI by a catcher with the last name Hill (Koyie Hill, who was with the Cardinals for Spring Training in 2012, held that distinction, with two). But at one home run, he eclipsed the total of these Cardinals.

Player Season Plate Appearances Home Runs
1 Mark Ellis 2014 202 0
2 Daniel Descalso 2014 184 0
3 Aaron Miles 2010 151 0
4 Pete Kozma 2015 111 0
5 Tony Cruz 2011 72 0
6 Shane Robinson 2014 66 0
7 Joe Mather 2010 64 0
8 Ty Wigginton 2013 63 0
9 Kolten Wong 2013 62 0
10 Adron Chambers 2012 62 0

Kozma deserves particular attention for not logging a single extra-base hit during his 111 plate appearances last year. If you thought people were worried about shortstop this year, imagine if Jhonny Peralta had suffered his thumb injury in 2015 instead.

Here is a recap of the weekend's (non-Pi Day related) VEB posts.

The Cardinals' platoon opportunities

The red baron examined the ample opportunity that the 2016 Cardinals have for righty/lefty platoons. As somebody who is unapologetic in his fascination with platoons, this was an enjoyable piece because of the logic that even the most aggressively platoon-heavy arguments have. RB freely admits that he's not sure that he's quite as far in the pro-platoon camp as the post gets, but this doesn't mean any of it is incorrect. Of course, if you're an injury cynic (and aren't we all?), none of this matters because somebody will get hurt and platoons will be impossible, but it's still a fun exercise.


The latest players for whom you should submit 2016 projections are Jordan Waldenfrom Saturday, and Marco Gonzalesfrom Sunday. Each took a step back in 2015, Walden due to injury and Gonzales due to ineffectiveness, but each could play a big role with the club in 2016.

Game threads

Catch up on the community conversation from Saturday's split-squad games against the Mets and Astros, as well as Sunday's tilt against the Washington Nationals.

Have a great Pi Day, and may you avoid the most egregious of related puns.

(I'm sorry)