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Aledmys Diaz: 2016 VEB Projections

VEB Projections Project

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Editor's Note: Two years ago, Site Manager Ben Humphrey asked readers to provide predictions for Cardinals baseball players. Last year, he renewed that request, and although Ben is in blogger retirement, we at VEB are re-renewing the request to predict how the Cardinals will do.

We will not get to every player on the 40-man roster, but we will get to most. There will not be a defined order for the players, but players most assured of playing time will go first so we can let some of Spring Training play out. We will ask for standard stats. For hitters: Plate Appearances, Home Runs, RBI (gasp!), Runs, Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage, and WAR. As trying to figure wOBA on is very difficult, we will use a rough approximation based on OBP and SLG ((1.7*OBP+SLG)/3). For pitchers: Starts, Games, Innings Pitched, K/9, BB/9, ERA, FIP, WAR, and Saves.

Next up: Aledmys Diaz

This is a bit of a bonus projection as Diaz was not originally in the schedule for projections, but due to the unfortunate injury to Jhonny Peralta, Diaz appears in line to get more exposure this season and could fight his way to shortstop on Opening Day.

Here are his minor league stats from last season between Double-A, Triple-A and the Arizona Fall League:

Aledmys Diaz Team PA HR R RBI SB AVG OBP SLG wOBA wRC+
2015 Saguaros (AFL) 82 4 17 14 2 0.315 0.37 0.616 0.428 161
2015 Cardinals (AA) 409 10 47 46 6 0.264 0.324 0.421 0.339 108
2015 Cardinals (AAA) 58 3 12 6 0 0.38 0.448 0.62 0.459 182

His playing time is up in the air, and the projections don't expect much right now, which can be found on his FanGraphs player page.

So how will he do? Is he the answer at shortstop this season?

Thanks for your help. It is possible you might have missed a few projections so far, please visit our projections section or click on the links to the rest of the players below as they only take a few minutes. Not sure if you have filled one out for someone? Visit this link to see.

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