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Cards news and notes: HS shortstops, Sprinkler mishaps, Tyler Lyons

Yesterday's dose of VEB

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

VEB projections continued on yesterday, with Tyler Lyons. I myself have felt for a while that Lyons would make a good reliever. Some think he should be a LOOGY but while he's much better against lefties, I don't think he's so bad against RHP that he has to be hidden from them. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being the primary set-up man when multiple lefties are expected to come to the plate in the late innings. Siegrist is left-handed too of course but had some insane reverse splits last year which kind of makes sense when considering his main out pitch was his change-up.

The Red Baron had his ninth Draft Preview yesterday, this one concentration on high ceiling high school infielders. One is comped to Oscar Mercado in terms of being a flashy SS with the tools to stick there, but with issues at the plate. Another shows some of the best bat speed The Baron has seen in this year's class.

The sprinklers going off during a Spring Training game was the subject of Lil-Scooter's Hunt and Peck yesterday. Also make sure to check out Lil-Scooter's awesome assemblage of links within for every piece of recent baseball news.

If you didn't see the game against the Marlins yesterday, make sure to check VEB's takes in the comments of the game thread. Edmonds was in the booth, Leake was on the mound, and Yadi was in his first game.

Finally, I wondered who the best pitcher on the Cardinals will be this year, Carlos Martinez or Adam Wainwright. Wainwright has been the ace for a long time, and is projected to pitch much more innings than Carlos. But Carlos is projected just as good on a rate basis, and could improve on how deep he goes into games this year. Eventually, I think Carlos will be the ace of the team, and it's just a matter of when. I certainly wouldn't complain if Wainwright delayed that with another season that earns him Cy Young votes.