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Cardinals news and notes: El Gallo, Yadi, and Marp

Yesterday at VEB

#88, eh?
#88, eh?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dexter Fowler is somehow back with the Chicago Cubs and the entire situation sounds like a mess.  Ken Rosenthal has all of the perplexing details here.

Yesterday here at VEB, where things make better sense, we shared some mighty fine content.

Carlos Martinez

  • Graphs, GIFs, charts, and all sorts of goodness here in Joe Schwarz's analysis of Carlos Martinez's pitching sequence for all of his strikeouts in 2015.  It's a great piece on our favorite player so check it out if you missed it yesterday.
  • What exactly is Carlos doing in this picture?  No, really, what is he doing?  This is all that's showing up on my computer:

Yadier Molina

Matt Carpenter is underrated

  • Matt Carpenter has been one of the best players in the National League the last few years yet, as Craig Edwards explained, MLB Network had him ranked as the #88th best player in baseball.  I think Joe might be on to something:

Spring Training Television Schedule

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