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Seth Maness: 2016 VEB projections

Community projections keep rolling on

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Editor's Note: Two years ago, Site Manager Ben Humphrey asked readers to provide predictions for Cardinals baseball players. Last year, he renewed that request, and although Ben is in blogger retirement, we at VEB are re-renewing the request to predict how the Cardinals will do.

We will not get to every player on the 40-man roster, but we will get to most. There will not be a defined order for the players, but players most assured of playing time will go first so we can let some of Spring Training play out. We will ask for standard stats. For hitters: Plate Appearances, Home Runs, RBI (gasp!), Runs, Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage, and WAR. As trying to figure wOBA on is very difficult, we will use a rough approximation based on OBP and SLG ((1.7*OBP+SLG)/3). For pitchers: Starts, Games, Innings Pitched, K/9, BB/9, ERA, FIP, WAR, and Saves.

Next up: Seth Maness

I have to say that Seth Maness has become one of my favorite relievers these last few seasons. He certainly hasn't been the best reliever on the team by any means, but I enjoy the way he does things. The last few years we have grown accustom to teams accumulating multiple relievers throwing high-90's heat and striking out more than a hitter an inning. Seth does his thing with a 90 mph fastball that has less than stellar K rate over that time frame.

How does he survive? By minimizing walks and maximizing ground balls. Among 169 pitchers with a qualified amount of innings from 2013-2015, Maness ranks 7th lowest in BB% and 15th highest in GB%, which both help make up for having the 14th lowest K/9 over that span. Here's his stats from last year:


His Fangraphs profile and steamer projection can be found here, and the Cardinals' ZiPS projections can be found here.

Second Editor's Note: I created the form so that all pitcher forms are identical. You see starts there for Siegrist. Presumably you will enter 0 for him. All the starters will have saves on their forms. This makes the data easier to collect. Thank you for your understanding. I did not include games/appearances because innings should suffice for these projections. Thanks.
Thanks for your help. It is possible you might have missed a few projections so far, please
visit our projections section or click on the links to the rest of the players below as they only take a few minutes.