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Cardinals Spring Training Television Schedule

How to watch the Cardinals during Spring Training

It has been a while since Cardinals fans have been able to sit down in front of a television (or computer or phone or iPad) and watch the team suit up for a competitive game. While Opening Day is still a little over a month away, the Cardinals will be playing games against other major league teams one week from today. For those starved of seeing the Cardinals in action and not lucky enough to be down in Jupiter at Spring Training, there are multiple viewing options.

Fox Sports Midwest will be airing 15 of the Cardinals 28 contests on television. Those games begin next Saturday, March 5 against against the Marlins. Two of the 15 games on FSM will also be airing on MLB Network and MLB Network will also be airing another three games that FSM is not carrying. That means, for those who get Fox Sports Midwest and MLB Network, 18 of 28 games will appear on television. Given that games occur during the day, Fox Sports Midwest indicated that several games would be replayed in prime time.

For those of you with, you are also in luck, as 23 games will be streamed there as well. For those that prefer the radio, 18 of the games will be broadcast on KMOX and potentially your local Cardinals radio affiliate with the remaining ten games available through the Cardinals website on MLB At Bat featuring Mike Claiborne, Tom Ackerman, Chris Hrabe, and Kyle McClellan. All 28 Cardinals Spring Training games will be broadcast in some shape or form, although it appears with the current schedule there will be five games without a video broadcast.

All games will be at noon (or very close), St. Louis time. Based on what we know, the schedule looks like this:

cards ST sked

Update: I sought clarification on the Cardinals stream, and those broadcasts will be audio broadcasts streamed on the Cardinals website and the MLB At Bat app.

Second Update: I added two ESPN games to the visual.

Given that so many games will be on television or otherwise available to watch, please let us know in the poll below if you are interested in game threads for Spring Training games.