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Cards News and Notes: College pitchers, Piscotty, Spring Training, Gyorko

Catching you up on yesterday's VEB

Wednesday is Draft Preview day at VEB, and yesterday was no different in that regard. The venerable Red Baron followed up last week's preview with a second batch of college Right-handed pitchers. Each have their flaws, but the Cards' will have to choose a player with flaws since, like usual, they don't get to pick until the back-end of the first round.

VEB community projections keep marching on, with yesterday's topic being Stephen Piscotty. I personally am pretty high on Piscotty, as to me he just seems like a great pure hitter who sprays fliners all over the field. As more of a numbers guy than a scout guy, I don't hold that opinion all that strongly, but I wouldn't be surprised by a strong performance from Piscotty that again has the rest of league annoyed at the high success rate of the Cardinal's draft and development system. Follow the link to put your 2 cents in on Piscotty. Piscotty's page also includes links to every other player the community has projected.

Real baseball got closer to be being played and enjoyed by fans with full team workouts beginning down in Jupiter. Lil Scooter embedded several tweets of Cardinal players getting down to business. Also, as always check out all the baseball related links around the web provided in Lil Scooter's hunt and pecks.

Lastly, I looked at the upgrade Jedd Gyorko provides over past utility players the Cardinals have employed. The Cardinals think he can handle backing up Peralta at short, which opens up more playing time for him. Platooning with Wong and spelling Carpenter and Peralta when they need rest should mean around 250-300 PA for the new acquisition.